Career Counseling for LGBT Professionals

Lavender Careers is a career counseling service that offers a new model for understanding, developing, and supporting the careers of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender professionals.

Why career counseling services focused on LGBT?

The Lavender Ceiling, The Glass Closet, The Pink Plateau… No matter what you call it, more often than not gay men and women feel invisible at work. The thoughts and beliefs you are holding—whether conscious or unconscious—affect your income level, opportunities for promotion, in-person and online networking, and overall satisfaction with your work.

Are you aware of the professional prejudices you carry with you at work?

As a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender professional, you may find yourself faced with unique career challenges not experienced by members of the heterosexual workforce. 

LGBT-centered career counseling addresses your unique questions:

How “out” should I be in the workforce?
How “out” should I be on my resume?
Who are the LGBT mentors in my industry?
Where can I access LGBT networking opportunities in my profession?
How do I find LGBT-friendly employers?

Sherry Platt Berman helps you come out of the “glass closet,” rise above the “pink plateau,” and break through the “lavender ceiling.” Lavender Careers’ clients identify and free themselves of old patterns and habits, discover new professional opportunities, and experience a new relationship to “work.”

When you build a life based on who you truly are, instead of who the world thinks you should be, success is available to you at all times.